FAQ - Your Wedding Questions Answered

This is a list of some common questions. If you have any others please do email me and I will get back to you.

-   Do you conduct non-religious ceremonies?

Absolutely! It is your day and I will accommodate you in any way to make it what you desire.

-   What do you need from us?

Copies of I.D books (passports if non S.A citizen) of yourselves as well as 2 witnesses, surname the bride wishes to take, physical address, ante nuptial, confirmation of divorce (if applicable).

-   Do you recommend a rehearsal?

Having conducted numerous weddings I strongly recommend a rehearsal. It enables you to feel comfortable and relaxed on the day as you know what is coming next and thereby minimises any confusion and "surprises" and the stress that the unknown can bring. I will lead you through each step of the way on the day but it makes a big difference for you having done a rehearsal.

-   Where can we marry?

There are 2 parts to the ceremony. 1) The signing of the register 2) remainder of the ceremony. The signing of the register is the only part that carries restrictions in that the register must be signed in a private dwelling,religious establishment or home affairs. If you are thinking of an outside wedding e.g beach or wine estate, the signing will have to be done inside in an applicable venue. I have done beach weddings and wine estate weddings and this never poses a problem.